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  These posts are written by the staff and friends of Denver Area YFC. We invite you to read, ponder and join the conversation about youth and youth ministry in Denver.


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God Can Use Me Even In My Weakness

9/19/2018 in Category

By Brandon Bowman, Campus Life Site Director

YFC Camp this past summer was a week full of excitement, energy, and never-ending craziness with hundreds of teens, and I was already worn out... More

Connected & Disconnected

9/12/2018 in Category

By Claire Froehlich, Juvenile Justice Ministry Chaplain

“Everything is so disconnected at my home. My mom has a warrant for her arrest but my grandma still lets her live at her house. She... More

Baby-Faced 6th Graders

9/4/2018 in Category

By Justin Conant, Campus Life Site Director

Sometimes I think back to when I first started with Campus Life three and half years ago and to those early clubs that I ran after school. It’s... More

What Campus Life Means to Me

8/10/2018 in Category

By Andi Woodring, Director of Campus Life Ministries

We asked our students to finish the statement…“What Campus Life means to me…”  We invite you to hear directly from them:

It is a place... More

Pastor, Can You Feel Me?

8/3/2018 in Category

By Tim Butler, Director of City Engagement

I hear that question quite often from a youth who’s at one of the facilities where I serve as Chaplain – it’s his way of asking if I understand... More