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Loneliness In Youth Ministry

6/10/2015 in Category

By Andy Blanks, co-founder of youthministry360

To outsiders the concept seems absurd, a contradiction in terms.

“A lonely youth minister? Impossible. How can you be lonely? You're... More

It Matters

6/3/2015 in Category

By Mikkee Hall

“You are mean! I am just going to put you in the trash.” My favorite little four-year-old screeched at me. It was an hour after her bedtime, and I had put her back in bed.... More

What I See: more than the labels

5/28/2015 in Category

By Gareth Unruh, Assistant Director, Juvenile Justice Ministry, Denver Area YFC

I hear a lot of opinions everyday … about society, people groups, how to do something, what people think of... More

Your Students’ View of the Bible Starts with You

5/20/2015 in Category

By Andy Blanks, co-founder of youthministry360

In the course of teaching or writing about discipleship, I’ll often find myself turning to a familiar passage to talk about the outcome or... More

9 Summer Activities for Your Youth Group

5/13/2015 in Category

By Mikkee Hall

The end of school year activities and events are kicking into full gear – the sign that summer is near. As a youth leader, summer can be a strange, no-man’s land for youth... More