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  These posts are written by the staff and friends of Denver Area YFC. We invite you to read, ponder and join the conversation about youth and youth ministry in Denver.


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A New Logo

1/29/2014 in Category

Celebrating 70 years of Youth Ministry, we are really excited to share our new logo. The three circles are related to the way we live in authentic Christ sharing relationships with kids.... More

Two Lessons I Learned From My Hero by Ken Davis

11/27/2013 in Category

In 1995 I had an experience that changed my life forever. 

I got sucked in by a promotional testimony in our church. I watched as cute little boys between the ages of 8 and 12 described... More

Mentors Matter

10/31/2013 in Category

Do mentors matter? YES!!!!

One of our main ministry focuses in DAYFC is matching every kid who wants one, with a loving, christian, adult mentor. It is one of the most time consuming but... More

XXX Teens

10/22/2013 in Category

I recently read an article by British author, Martin Daubney, the ex-editor of a British "girlie magazine." The article, entitled "Experiment that convinced me online porn is the most... More

The Inheritance That Matters

8/31/2012 in Category

My Dad died last month. He was 88 years old.

They say that, eventually, you become your father. You inherit beliefs and ways of doing things. Sometimes you pick up his defects and his... More