Dealing with Temptation

Posted on by Heidi Brunsting

By Jill Meyer, Director of Parent Life

“I just had a big anniversary, Jill!  It has been a whole year that I have been clean from meth.

     Wow, Lisa!  That is incredible.  I know meth is very difficult to quit.

That is so true.  Some days I am discouraged or just so tired from being in school and having a baby that I am raising by myself.  Those days I want to get high.

     How do you deal with that temptation?

I tell myself the truth and then I ask God to help me be strong.  I started using meth when I was nine and dealing when I was twelve.  Everyone I knew used and I made so much money dealing.  It was a difficult lifestyle to leave.  I first quit because I was in jail and I didn’t have a choice.

     Well, now you do have a choice so what helps you?

I talk to myself.  No, seriously Jill.  I remind myself of the people like you that I have in my life now.  People that believe I can make a good life for myself and my baby.  I remember that if I blow it now, I love my baby forever and go back to jail.

     You said a bit ago that you ask God to help you.  Tell me about that.

Jill, He helps me remember the good reasons I have to stay sober.  He helps me see how far I’ve come.  He helps me tell Satan to bug out!  I learned that from you, Jill—how the enemy wants us to mess up and give up.  Knowing that changes how I look at the temptation.

     That is an amazing way to look at it, Lisa.  You are a wise young woman to have figured that out.”

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