Learning to be Intentional with Your Time and Money

Posted on by Heidi Brunsting

By Rachel Oliver

There are many ways we can and do spend our time and resources. Many of us clock in at a job regularly, and maybe we attend church and even Bible study each week. Some of us play on softball teams or in bowling leagues. Maybe you volunteer with your church’s youth group or have a standing tee time every weekend (or both!). Most of us have more good things we could do with our time than time to do them all.

We also have lots of options for where and how we spend our money. Although some things seem less optional and more like have-tos. When my husband and I evaluate our budget there’s always a list of must-pays (mortgage, power, insurance…), a list of things we’re committed to (tithing, charity…) and then the things we have a little more control over each month (groceries, entertainment, clothing…). Don’t get me wrong groceries is a must-pay but if it’s a tighter month financially, we can be a little more frugal with our shopping. It all depends on our priorities.

How we each spend our time and money says a lot about who we are: including what we value and enjoy.

And while in my household we’ve done well at scheduling periodic budget discussions, rarely – if ever – have we sat down and discussed about the overall picture of our eternal investments and family priorities (financial or otherwise). While most of the way we’ve spent our time and money is good, it has lacked some intentionality. There are times where we’ve allowed good things to trump the best things because we just hadn’t defined what was “best” for our family and in line with where God has called us.

“Show me where you spend your time, money and energy and I’ll tell you what you worship..” (John Wimber)

There are lots of good, healthy things we can do with our time and money – only you can decide what’s good and what’s best for you in keeping with where God has called you. What is one way you can be more intentional with your resources today?

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