The Greatest Volunteers

Posted on by Heidi Brunsting

The other night I sat in a room with almost 100 Youth for Christ volunteers. We heard stories of praise and thanksgiving about changed lives - young lives as well as older lives! There were people who were waiting for there first mentoring assignment and a couple of gentlemen who have been meeting with young people in jails for more than thirty years!

There were college students and retired folks. There were various races represented and all kinds of different churches and denominations. Men and women who have made it a priority to reach lost youth with the love and message of Jesus Christ. I was humbled and honored to be among them!

Denver Area YFC depends on volunteers to accomplish the mission of reaching lost youth. Without them, the mission could not go on. Volunteers are critical and we’re asking God for more of them. We’re asking the Lord of the Harvest to send out workers into the Harvest.

Last night a young 16 year old, who had just received parole, told of the difference “Mr. Don” had made in his life. “Mr. Don” would visit the jail on Friday nights, and he would spend time with that young man. They would talk and pray and study the Bible, and God used “Mr. Don” to set a captive free - months before he was paroled!

You can help by:

  • Volunteering one hour per week
  • Letting friends know about YFC ministry and how they can help
  • Inviting us to make a presentation at your church
  • Supporting us financially
  • Joining us in prayer for more volunteers

The harvest is indeed plentiful. There are so many young people yet to be reached. At this moment we have over 30 kids waiting to be matched with a mentor. We want to be there for every young person who needs to here about new life in Jesus Christ!

Would you consider helping us enlist more workers for the harvest? Please ask God how you can become a “Mr. Don” in a young person’s life.

Until every one has heard,

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