This is Going to Take a While

Posted on by Heidi Brunsting

By Gareth Unruh, Assistant Director, Juvenile Justice Ministry, Denver Area YFC

Studies tell us that the youth I work with will not be fully mature until age 25, their prefrontal cortex has not become fully developed! (So, that’s why you can’t rent a car until 25.)

I’ve been working with incarcerated youth since 2005, one of my guys is just turning 18 this December. He is still on a journey, he has his ups and downs. I continue you to with my youth how much I need Jesus moment by moment each day, and they start catching on. Our youth struggle to make good choices each day, they have a hard time controlling their anger, making good friends, showing self control, and giving into peer pressure.

But, if we can learn to trust Him more each day. If we can love him more and more, moment by moment, minute by minute each day. We have to show more patience and grace with them. It takes times. Life is a journey, God is in the business of teaching us to be the best “me” I can be. Sometimes that involves pain and hardship, my youth know that more than most people. When we love Him more and trust Him more we begin to realize who God is and what he has for us.

What has caused you to lose trust in God or not trust Him at all?

What will it take to trust Him more and love Him more?

Who is it in your life that could use grace and mercy?

Remember, they are not 25 yet. It’s going to take sometime, change your perspective and ask God for patience!

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